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AquaCentral is a universal podium for all aquarium enthusiasts committed to uphold the cause of methodical and principled fish keeping through discussions and deliberations. We are an integrated community keen to share and learn through peer understanding and experiences of fish keeping from hobbyists spread across geographies. We believe in knowledge-sharing on a widespread basis and hence our discussions are not limited to any particular city or country. AquaCentral is your own space tailored to address the needs of the hobbyist. Ask questions, discuss answers, post photos, download exciting apps, come along with us on a collection trip, have fun. Contribute to and utilize the knowledge base of international standards at AquaCentral.

A substantial fraction of AquaCentral’s focus is to uncover and advance ways of practicing the hobby in a more environmentally sustainable and ethical way. As such we are predominantly and ethically against keeping any kind of malformed or otherwise mutilated aquatic creature which is produced just for profit-making and/or to gratify human aesthetics. Accompany us and help to spread awareness in and about the hobby with enthusiasm and perseverance.

Let us be the change, we want to see in the fish keeping world; let us be the ideal fish keepers of tomorrow.
Welcome to your own aquarist’s lounge – AquaCentral.




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