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Full Description is home to a community of ornamental fish hobbyists since August 2000. We are a group of fish keepers who are fascinated with the hobby that encompasses the balance of rearing livestock, creating the ideal environment and growing up together with our aquatic pets.

The word “Arofanatics” is a fusion of both “Arowana” and “Fanatics”. Due to the lack of detailed information on the species of fish called the Arowana – also commonly known as Dragonfish, an internet-based forum and a gallery was set up to facilitate the discussion and appreciation of this endangered species in year 2000.

We have evolved over the years to not just solely focus on Arowanas – we have progressively added many other ornamental fishes in our community discussions, with a great team of moderators who are capable in their own specialties  and more importantly, decision makers who are able to guide the community in the right direction.

Our sub forums deal with:

  • Arowana
  • Catfish
  • Stingray
  • Cichlids
  • Flowerhorn
  • Betta
  • Guppy
  • Goldfish
  • Shrimp (Invertebrates)






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