3 Feet Cree LED AQUA Strip

LED lights for the Aquarium Use by GreenSun

GreenSun recently has launched two interesting aquarium LED lights: One for marine tanks and one for planted aquascing tanks.

Spanish Killifish Convention 2013

Spanish Killifish Convention 2013 Gijon

The Sociedad Espagnol de Killies (SEK) hold a Killifish convention May 3-5 2013 at Gijon Aquarium

Holland Koi Show Mini 2013.jpg

Mini Holland Koi Show

9th June 2013, 10:oo – 18:00,
Location: Kiëta Koi, Ommelanderwijk 323, 9644 TK Veendam

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Napoli Aquatica 2013_01

Napoli Aquatica 2013

Napoli Aquatica 2013 will be hold from 27-29 September 2013 in Naples, Italy. Parts of the fair are the: International Aquarium Trade Expo, International Discus Championship, International Caridina Championship, Aquascaping Contest, Betta Show Contest logo 12-2012

Austrian Aquanet Shrimp Day 2013

Austrian Aquanet  presents the 5th Shrimp Day Austria 12. October 2013 Town Hall Linz Austria with the 2nd international Shrimp Championship, and the 1st Austrian Aquascaping Award, and many workshops and lectures from aquarium experts...

1. K-B.A.M Shrimp Contest South Germany

The 1. K-B.A.M Shrimp Contest South Germany is hold in March 2013 in Freiburg. is official sponsor!


EHEIM reeflexUV: Effective against Microorganisms

EHEIM reeflexUV: due to a built-in reflector the microorganism-killing UV-C radiation is significantly increased. And whereas in conventional UV-sterilisers the water is directed via detours past the UV-C burner, in the EHEIM reeflexUV it takes the direct route.

orth Jersey Aquarium Society

North Jersey Aquarium Society – Tropical Fish Flea Market 27-28. April 2013

NJAS Tropical Fish Flea Market, Vendor Display and Fish Auction

orth Jersey Aquarium Society

North American Native Fish for the Aquarium

Joshua Wiegert holds a lecture on “North American Native Fish for the Aquarium”


CoralCon 2013

CoralCon is the World’s Greatest Reef Aquarium Conference!. Join over 2,500 hobbyists MARCH 16 & 17 2013 in Orlando, FL for 2-days of nothing but Saltwater!