Borneo Wild launches new Products for Shrimp Keeping

Borneo Wild, reputable manufacturer from Singapore, has developed new products for shrimp breeders and aquascapers. Used on their own or as part of an integrated system, Borneo Wild’s products offer elegant yet affordable solutions for hobbyists seeking high quality at reasonable costs. Completing the range is our professional quality Red Bee series of food, mineral supplements and accessories for shrimp. And coming up in the future are products for ponds, marine and vivarium systems.

Borneo Wild Torque Growth Stimulation

Borneo Wild Torque is an organic catalyst made from natural enzymes of more than 30 types of fruits, plants, seaweeds and rice brand that stimulates growth in shrimps and plant. more info

Borneo Wild Multipara Shrimp Food

Borneo Wild Multipara is a multi-vitamin, tasty supplement made from natural and organic raw material that draws shrimps to it like bees. Feed as supplement on top of regular food to promote safe molting and enhance breeding. Composition: Chitosan, Rice bran, Yeast, Enzyme, Actinomycetes, Lactic acid bacterium. more info

Borneo Wild Enlive Bacterial Starter

Borneo Wild Enlive is a multi-purpose culture of more than 100 types of bacterial in dormant state. In a new tank set up, it helps to seed the bacterial culture safely and quickly in substrate system as well as in new filters when dosed into water directly. It replenishes bacterial loses after a regular water change, purifies water by decomposing ammonia and nitrite. For best effect, turn on aeration for 2-3 hours when using Enlive. Features: Matures a new soil system when used as substrate additive, replenishes bacterial lost safely after water change,  activates intestinal bacteria in shrimps and fishes bodies when consumed.

Borneo Wild Minerum Water Conditioner

Borneo Wild Minerum is a newly developed mineral based water conditioner, specially designed for the keeping and maintenance of a Crystal Red shrimp tank. Minerum contains a rich dose of essential trace elements that helps the shrimp to molt safely and at the same time, strengthen the shell. The mineralized water improves bacterium activities and also benefits all other aquatic lives such as plants and fishes. Minerum is acidic base, over dosing may decrease the pH slightly. pH and TDS does not change drastically if you add it in smaller doses on a daily basis. Ingredient: Ca, Cu, P, Co, Mg, Ni, K, Mo, Na, Li, Se, V, Si, W, Ge, Ba, Zn, Ti, Mn, Al, Fe, Cr. more info

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