Florida Tropical Fish Expo 2013

June 20-23, 2013

Location: Holiday Inn Airport, 9931 Interstate Commerce Drive, FT. Myers, FL 33913

The Florida Aquarium Fish Expo is a bi-annual event that attracts aquarium enthusiasts from around the world. This is a showcase for hobbyists as well as suppliers in the aquarium trade. Whether you keep a single betta bowl or you have a fish room with hundreds of gallons of stocked tanks there is something for everyone. More information on the event website at flafishshow.com

Florida Aquarium Fish Expo 2013

Florida Aquarium Fish Expo 2013


Show Schedule:

9:00am-9:00pm Vendor set up
3:00pm-6:00pm Shop hop
5:00pm Vendor room opens (participation optional)
9:00pm Vendor room closes

9:00am Fish Show Registration opens
10:00am Vendor Room Opens
10:30am Trip to Snookin21′s Fish House
2:00pm Snookin21 Trip Returns
6:00pm Live Jazz Band and free pasta buffet
9:00pm Fish Show Registration Closes
9:00pm Vendor Room Closes

9:00am Collection Trip Departs
10:00am Vendor Room Opens
1:00pm Collection Trip Returns
6:00pm Vendor Room Closes
6:00pm Banquet Dinner
8:00pm Awards
9:00pm Equipment and dry goods Auction

8:00am Auction seller registration starts
9:00am Auction bidder registration starts
11:00am Auction seller registration closes
11:00am Auction bidder registration closes
11:30am Live Fish Auction- Until last lot is sold

Speaker Schedule:

3:30pm OPEN
5:00pm Tony Silva – TBD
6:30pm OPEN
8:00pm Chuck Davis – Gadgets & Gizmos

9:00am OPEN
10:30am-2pm (Break for Snookin21 trip)
2:00pm Tony Silva – Collecting wild discus
3:30pm Rit Forcier – Collecting in Mexico
5:00pm Rich Serva – What is a livebearer
6:30pm Ted Judy – Raising fry
8:00pm Bill Shields – Commercial fish farming
9:30pm OPEN

9:00am Rit Forcier – TBD
10:30am Charlie Nunziata – Killifish
12:00pm Kent Semmen – Applied technologies of aquarium management
1:30pm Jack Watley – Discus
3:00pm Rich Serva – Wild Swordtails
4:30pm Joe Gargas – Water and the aquarium
6:00pm Craig Watson – (for banquet attendees) Fishy Sex
10:00pm Ted Judy – Dwarf Cichlids

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