JBL Water Test Lab Extended

The nine enclosed water tests (pH 3-10; pH 6-7,6; GH; KH; PO4; NH4; NO2; NO3 and Fe) have been complicated by three more –highly wanted – tests, which are in detail: the JBL O2 test , pH test 7.4-9.0 and the silicate test SiO2.

The JBL O2 test shows dissolved Oxygen in a range from 1 to 10 mg/l. The silicate test helps tank owners to detect silicic acid in their tap water, which can cause unwanted diatom problems easily to treat with silicate removers as JBL Silicate EX. The JBL silicate test works on a scale from <0.1 and > 6.0 mg/l SiO2. The additionally pH test 7.4-9.0 is useful for Malawi-Tanganyika aquariums, as well as for pond owners and Sulawesi shrimp breeders.

Additionally, every JBL test lab contains a CO2 table, displaying both responsible components pH and KH, and their resulting CO2 value. The professional equipment remains unchanged with water-proof color charts, syringes for simple water sampling, measuring spoon, thermometer, pen, water analysis sheets and the unrivaled JBL comparison system – which already considers the tint of tank water, and therefore makes a detailed meter-reading easy and safe.

Available from January 2013 on



(Text and Photos: JBL Germany / German to English translation: Imke Jungjohann)

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