JBL Workshop Vietnam: All 70 participants of the 2013 are now known

Originally, only 60 participants were planned, but with over 200 registrations, the workshop direction looked for possibilities to increase the number of participants. The minibus was the limiting factor, but a good solution was found: Roland Böhme himself and other group leaders will travel by moped, and assign their bus seats to interested persons. A lot of former expeditions participants had registered again, and – for the benefit of new registrations – were put on the waiting list.

On May 1st 2013, the international JBL group with participants from ten countries starts from Frankfurt to Saigon, and further towards Nha Trang at the coast of South-Vietnam. The big travel group of 70 participants is divided into smaller groups of eight people: Among the leadership from a scientist or expert, they will examine the rain forest, rivers, desert landscapes and coral reefs near Nha Trang for nine days. Also, a night expedition into the jungle with skin-diving, examinations in the rain forest and outdoor sleeping in hammocks is planned.

High ranked scientists as Prof. B. Scharf, Prof. Chr. Steinberg, Dr. A. Klink, Dr. S. Heise oder A. Franz, Direector of the Aquarium Zoo Leipzig accompaign the BL groups and give insights as well as guidance into scientific biotope research.

Anybody not being able to participate this time must bear until 2015. The next upcoming JBL expedition will travel from California, to the South Seas with final destination Australia. Soon, more information and the registration sheet will be published on the JBL homepage: www.jbl.de.

(Text and Photos: JBL Germany / German to English translation: Imke Jungjohann)



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