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  • aquaticlog.com


    An online profile for your aquarium.

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    Own an aquarium? AquaticLog is an online service for aquarists. Keep a log of your overall aquarium status, any unusual events, your fish breeding habits, and coral and plant growth. Schedule upcoming aquarium cleaning, equipment replacement, water change, feeding, dosing and more...
  • Monsterfishkeepers.com


    we love big fish

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    The majority of our fish collections include RARE & EXOTIC Species of all sizes, BIG FISH with BIG APPETITES and BIG TANKS. We are a unique community of Fish Keepers who seriously take our hobby to extremes and the NEXT level.
  • North Jersey Aquarium Society

    North Jersey Aquarium Society

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    The North Jersey Aquarium Society is one of the largest and oldest running aquarium clubs in North America. Since 1953, NJAS has provided a friendly outlet for the exchange of aquarium ideas and inventory, and to recognize the accomplishments of local hobbyists.
  • Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) 2013

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    The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) is the oldest marine aquarium conference in North America. It is an educational symposium where people can attend lectures from industry leaders, conservationists, authors, and scientists. It is also a trade show where hobbyists can buy the hottest new corals and see new cutting edge equipment Attendees can also give their feedback to manufacturers so they can continue to bring us the innovations we are looking for.
  • Utah Fishkeepers

    Utah Fishkeepers

    Aquarium Forum

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    We are called Utah Fishkeepers, but anyone can join.
  • FishinnPost.com


    Aquatic and Fish Aquarium Lifestyle.

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    We are the ultimate community for aquarium habitat. Let's all get together and chat about what we love. From super serious fishkeepers to beginner level new comers. Let's all hangout in one spot.
  • One Stop Aquatics

    One Stop Aquatics

    Online Store for Freshwater Invertebrates and Supplies

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    Online store for Freshwater Invertebrates and Supplies
  • Saint Louis Absolute Aquariums

    Saint Louis Absolute Aquariums

    We Clean Your Saint Louis Aquariums So You Don't Have To

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    How To Start And Maintain Your Own Freshwater And Saltwater Aquarium, Articles Concerning All Aspects Of Aquarium Keeping And Chronicles Of My Own Planted And Mixed Reef Tanks.
  • Missouri Aquarium Society

    Missouri Aquarium Society

    Our monthly meetings offer educational programs, films and lectures, question-and-answer sessions, fish show competitions, contests, door prizes, and an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with fellow hobbyist.

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    Anyone interested in the keeping and breeding of Tropical and Marine fish or other Aquatic life is encouraged to become a member of the Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc. (MASI). Our members range from the inexperienced beginner to the advanced aquarist, and new members are always welcome.
  • American Killifish Association

    American Killifish Association

    website of the AKA (USA)

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    The American Killifish Association is a national organization based in the United States. However, membership is open to all people of all countries. The aims of the association are to advance the enjoyment, propagation, study and conservation of killifish (oviparous Cyprinodontiform fish) and to promote fellowship among its members. The AKA maintains a number of programs to further these aims. These include the bimonthly publication of the Journal of the American Killifish Association and the monthly publication of a Business Newsletter. The AKA holds an annual convention and killifish show once each year.