• British and International Discus Keepers Association []

    British and International Discus Keepers Association []

    the home of The British Discus Show

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    This site is for discus enthusiasts everywhere. If you want to exchange ideas or information about discus and discus keeping, this site is for you. We are a growing community of enthusiasts dedicated to the care and husbandry of the genus Symphysodon. Previously known as the “Pompadour Fish” or the “Crested Cichlid” or “Blue Scalare” plus many others, now known simply as the Discus. If your interest is in the domestic breeds of discus or wild caught discus you are equally welcome here.
  • Banggai Rescue

    Banggai Rescue

    Adventures in bringing Pterapogon kauderni back from the brink

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    This project will produce BANGGAI RESCUE, an authoritative book in telling the remarkable story of the Banggai Cardinalfish, a beguiling coral reef species at the confluence of fishery issues in developing countries, sustainability, and aquaculture. A darling of the aquarium trade, this fish connects native fishing families in a remote region of Indonesia with aquarists worldwide, but overfishing and a mysterious virus now threaten it.
  • German Marine Research Consortium

    German Marine Research Consortium

    comprehensive expertise to meet global challenges

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    KDM - the German Marine Research Consortium is made up of fifteen institutions and universities of Germany in the field of marine and polar sciences as well as of coastal research.
  • Planet Catfish

    Planet Catfish

    community website on catfish since 1996!

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    great forum form the US with taxonomy list and database, forum, book reviews and 'catfish of the month' section
  • International Fancy Guppy Association [IFGA]

    International Fancy Guppy Association [IFGA]

    Dedicated to the Fancy Guppy Hobby since 1965

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    The International Fancy Guppy Association’s mission is to promote the enjoyment and the techniques of breeding fancy guppies to the IFGA's show standards. This is accomplished by: Providing information on the breeding and raising of quality guppies to the IFGA show standards through the IFGA website and bringing together other hobbyist of like minds / Annual meeting to bring together affiliated clubs and members together to manage and plan the future of the IFGA organization / Affiliated clubs sponsor competitive shows throughout the United States with over 70 different color classes / Providing assistance, managerial and technical support to individuals or groups in developing new clubs supporting the IFGA standards / Providing judging seminars and training to members to qualify as a IFGA judge and maintain the qualified judges’ ability to use the IFGA show standards
  • American Killifish Association

    American Killifish Association

    website of the AKA (USA)

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    The American Killifish Association is a national organization based in the United States. However, membership is open to all people of all countries. The aims of the association are to advance the enjoyment, propagation, study and conservation of killifish (oviparous Cyprinodontiform fish) and to promote fellowship among its members. The AKA maintains a number of programs to further these aims. These include the bimonthly publication of the Journal of the American Killifish Association and the monthly publication of a Business Newsletter. The AKA holds an annual convention and killifish show once each year.

    Straight from Japan - for the serious hobbyist!

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    Forum of Koi-Bito Magazine straight from Japan in English

    A prime global Biodiversity Information System on all fishes of the world (finfishes), covering over 32,000 species.

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    FishBase is a free global and public resource on all fish species of the world. As a Global Species Database, it records a wide range of information on all fish species currently known in the world about their biology, ecology, taxonomy, life history, trophic features, population dynamics and uses, as well as historical data reaching back 250 years, citing at least 47,000 references.
  • Ocean Science Division of PEW

    Ocean Science Division of PEW

    Active since 2008!

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    The Ocean Science Division includes several major initiatives aimed at improving our scientific knowledge about the problems faced by the world’s oceans and identifying the policies that could help solve them. We develop and support scientific research, technical analyses and syntheses of scientific information.

    Our mission is to educate, entertain, and foster a greater appreciation of aquariums and aquatic life.

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    Founded in 2002, Advanced Aquarist is the first and longest running online aquarist publication. Our mission is to educate, entertain, and foster a greater appreciation of aquariums and aquatic life. Find out more about our resources.