Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) 2013

Full Description

The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) is the oldest marine aquarium conference in North America. Every year a club who is a member of the Marine Aquarium Society of America (MASNA) is chosen to host MACNA. Bidding is done the same way as the Olympics. Interested clubs submit a plan to MASNA telling them why they should be chosen as a host. The entire event is organized, and operated by volunteers who are simply trying to help out their local club.

MACNA is a combination of several events. It is an educational symposium where people can attend lectures from industry leaders, conservationists, authors, and scientists. It is also a trade show where hobbyists can buy the hottest new corals and see new cutting edge equipment Attendees can also give their feedback to manufacturers so they can continue to bring us the innovations we are looking for. And lastly it is a social event. Many speakers, vendors, and hobbyists come to socialize with each other. It gives people an opportunity to put faces with names they might see on a message board or email.



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