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  • Ohio Cichlid Association

    Ohio Cichlid Association

    The OCA brings together cichlid and catfish enthusiasts to increase the enjoyment of the fish keeping hobby.

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    The OCA is an organization dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of information relating to all aspects of the biology of cichlids and related aquatic life. Our purpose is to promote the interest, keeping, study, breeding, and the educational exhibition of Cichlids. Additionally, the exchange of ideas, meeting new people, and distribution of information concerning Cichlids is of primary interest.
  • schneckenbuntbarsche blog

    schneckenbuntbarsche blog

    from Germany

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    a blog on small shell-dwelling cichlids by Waldemar Fischer (with many photographs)
  • Arofanatics Fish Talk Forums

    Arofanatics Fish Talk Forums

    Fish forum from Singapore

    Hits 3515 is home to a community of ornamental fish hobbyists since August 2000. Due to the lack of detailed information on the species of fish called the Arowana - also commonly known as Dragonfish, an internet-based forum and a gallery was set up to facilitate the discussion and appreciation of this endangered species in year 2000.
  • Malawi Guru

    Malawi Guru

    professional information on Malawi since 2009

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    Welcome to the World of Lake Malawi, all about the Cichlid from Lake Malawi here on Since 2009 we provide professional information on Malawi fish. A highlight is our Cichlid database: A-Z Index / best graphics / simple navigation / big selection of fish / Information on wild habitat and tank keeping